The Power of EDDM Marketing with Re-View Business Strategies

Jul 10, 2018
Business Strategies

Introduction to EDDM

What is EDDM? EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. It is a cost-effective marketing solution that allows businesses to target specific geographic areas with their marketing materials. With EDDM, you can reach potential customers by sending direct mail pieces to every household in a selected neighborhood or postal route.

Advantages of EDDM

There are several pros to using EDDM as part of your marketing strategy:

  • Wide Reach: EDDM enables you to reach a large audience in a specific area, helping you to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.
  • Cost-Effective: EDDM is an affordable marketing option compared to traditional methods such as print ads or TV commercials.
  • Targeted Marketing: With EDDM, you can choose the neighborhoods or postal routes where your target audience resides, ensuring that your message reaches the right people.
  • Easy Implementation: Setting up an EDDM campaign is straightforward, and you can easily customize your mail pieces to suit your branding and messaging.
  • Measurable Results: EDDM allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaign through response rates and conversions, providing valuable insights for future marketing efforts.

Disadvantages of EDDM

While EDDM offers numerous benefits, it's essential to consider the cons as well:

  • Saturation: Since EDDM targets entire neighborhoods, your mail pieces may compete with other advertisements, leading to reduced visibility.
  • Creative Limitations: Designing a compelling EDDM piece within the specified size and format guidelines can be challenging for some businesses.
  • Response Rates: EDDM response rates can vary depending on the quality of the mail piece and the relevance of the offer to the recipients.
  • Printing and Postage Costs: While EDDM is cost-effective overall, businesses need to consider the expenses associated with printing and postage.

Impact of EDDM on Businesses

Implementing an EDDM campaign can have a significant impact on businesses, driving engagement, increasing foot traffic, and boosting sales. By leveraging the power of EDDM with Re-View Business Strategies, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level.


Overall, EDDM is a valuable marketing tool that offers a unique way to connect with your target audience. By understanding the pros and cons of EDDM and how it can benefit your business, you can make informed decisions about incorporating this strategy into your marketing mix.